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Natural Areas in the province.

Granada, kingdom of heaven.

The heights of the Granada mountains makes the province the ceiling of Andalusia. It is the Mulhacen, with its 3482 meters high, the highest point of the peninsula. This summit is part of the Sierra Nevada National Park, considered one of the richest natural areas throughout Spain. For itself about 1,700 species listed, of which 65 are endemic and 175 are typical of the Iberian Peninsula. Among native species highlights the Sierra Nevada violet flower which has become the flagship park. The fauna of this area consists of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds and a wide range of insects unique in the locality, although the species par excellence is the mountain goat. The richness of this ecosystem helped to in 1986 Unesco declared it as Biosphere Reserve.

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Alhama de Granada

The mild summers of the Sierra Tejada joined the prominence of the thermal baths and impressive gorges to which overlooks the village.

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At the heart of the Costa Tropical and bathed by both the old Mare Nostrum for Dry and Green rivers, this Andalusian village forcefully attracts tourism.

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The formerly known as Bastia, which was part of the Via Herculean, now has two notable tourist demands: their sulphurous waters and the legend of the Lady of Baza.

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Head of glorious perched Nazari, this artistic and historical city saw Boabdil mourn for "not having defended as a man."

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The traditional caves trogloditas wealth and architectural heritage of this city are displaying their charms in the skirt northern Sierra Nevada.

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La Calahorra

Right in the highlands of Marquesado, Calahorra is located in the northern port side of the Ragua, single step across the Sierra Nevada.

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City sources and homeland Ramon Maria Narvaez, valid for Elizabeth II, Loja stands under the Mount Hacho and the whim of Genil.

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At the heart of the Costa Tropical, the maze of streets full of plants clings to the rock that covers the sea from heights.

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Divided into three districts that were to grab the more than 200 metres, you know hams are cured in a microclimate prefect.

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