“More than 300 sunny days a year”

Andalusia is one of the warmest regions of Europe. Its got a mild meditarranean climate and warm summers, mild winters and few rains. Andalusia stands out by its brightness as a result of the great number of hours of sun, that mark the happy and hospitable character of its people.

Granada is the spanish area that has the most remarkable climatic contrasts: in little distance goes from high mountain climate (Sierra Nevada) to a tropical sea climate (Mediterranean sea).

Granada’s coast has the most fortunate climate of Andalusia. The smooth winds of North Africa, the warm waters of the Mediterranean and the protection of the summits of Sierra Nevada make it with a unique subtropical microclimate in Europe.

Average Temp.  ºC  ºF
January  7 44
 February  8 46
 March  10 50
 April  12 53
 May  16 61
 June  20 68
 July  25 77
 August  25 77
 September  20 68
 October  16 61
 November  11 52
 December  7 44
Annual Media   15 59