Do you want to observe Jupiter and the stars in the sky during your stay with us?

Cortijo Balzain launches a new and interesting leisure activity offering its customers the opportunity to enjoy an innovative and unique educational activity for astronomical observation.

Astroturista the company, its scientific staff displace and ride in Cortijo Balzaín the technical and explanatory equipment necessary to carry out an astronomical observation on the date of your stay.

During the course of between an hour and a half to two, The Guided Tour of the Night Sky I approached the wonders of the universe, combining entertaining explanations with the use of astronomical equipment. Adults and children can marvel at all kinds of celestial objects, from planets in the solar system and its satellite galaxies, globular clusters, planetary nebulae, multiple star systems, etc.

Such unusual activity as innovative, which will make your stay in Cortijo Balzaín an even more enriching experience.

If you are interested, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic family and spectacular experience during your stay with us. Ask us for more information when making your reservation or contact Astroturista.