Hello! We are Patri and Pepe.

Together with our daughters, Elena and Victoria, we form the family that looks after this place called Cortijo Balzaín. We live here since we were born and there is no place we like more than this land that welcomes us and gives us work to bring up our family.

Working in the field is very hard, especially when the weather makes your work unprofitable. And it’s hard to recognize that what you get out of the land does not cover your own salary. And so, year after year, you’ll despair of being unable to achieve a better future.

But one day, back in 1998, in a meeting with one of the owners of the farmhouse, we speak of rural tourism as an alternative to farming. We listened and … it changed our lives!

It was exciting to see the ruins of this Cortijo transformed without losing the charm and the memory of the past.

It was exciting to see the ancient walls shelter returned to life without losing its beauty of yesteryear

It was exciting to see how the tools of the field, broken and abandoned, resurfaced to remember the effort and hard work we did in this beloved land.

And above all, it was exciting when we started to receive the first guests. We knew nothing about tourism, but we had a mad desire to succeed. We put it all our enthusiasm without forgetting our simplicity and our friendly treatment for all.

We had many friends. Now we have many more scattered around the world. We are excited to receive your messages and check that they like what we offer and feel satisfied with their stay in Balzaín. And we, every day we grow and enrich us with their experiences and warmth they provide.

Thank you all; Cortijo owners, who help us and share with us the task in managing these accommodations, friends who have visited us and those who will come tomorrow.

I hope everyone.

Patri and Pepe.