Birdwatching at Sierra Nevada, Natura 2000.

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Sierra Nevada offers a complex of ecosystems that are home to a diverse representation of the ornithological fauna of the Mediterranean mountains. The confluence of climate, geography, terrain and man geobotanical been conditioned, throughout history, the presence of different species that make up its avifauna. Sierra Nevada is [...]

Bicicleta de Montaña por el Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada.

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Si lo que te gusta practicar es la bici de montaña, en los alrededores de Balzaín se encuentran las mejores rutas de la província de Granada, las cuales discurren por los parajes más bellos de Sierra Nevada. De la mano de nuestros amigos de Granabike, os presentamos una [...]

Climate and Tourism in Andalusia

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ANDALUSIA “More than 300 sunny days a year” Andalusia is one of the warmest regions of Europe. Its got a mild meditarranean climate and warm summers, mild winters and few rains. Andalusia stands out by its brightness as a result of the great [...]