Routes throught the Darro Granada

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With splendid Muslim past, the eternal Grenada harmoniously combines all the wealth that gives its miscegenation, as reflected in its streets and its inhabitants. The Darro is a protagonist of this since time immemorial. In the northern flank of Plaza Nueva, opposite the Darro River, is located the [...]

Routes throught Las Hoyas de Baza y Guadix

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The valley that opens to the northwest of Sierra Nevada form a hoya flanked by saws Baza and Castril. These lands were the point of the first men who populated the European continent. Although Roman origin, the beautiful town of Huéscar not received their full development as a [...]

Routes throught the Costa Tropical

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The so-called Costa Tropical, which is essentially the Granada coastline, enjoys one of the most benign climates, not only on the Iberian peninsula, but throughout the European Mediterranean. The mountains of the Sierra Nevada protected from the north winds, creating a microclimate of a tropical temperate. Apart from [...]

Hiking at Sierra Nevada National Park

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SULAYR TRAIL GR-240 The largest circular trail in Andalusian and Spanish geography. Discover the unique Penibetic landscapes through a personal experience influenced by the contact with nature. 19 tracks to enjoy walking in Sierra Nevada.  […]

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