Recover the ancient name of Sulayr, mountain sun, as it was known Sierra Nevada by Muslims, has also been rescued countless ways.

Through them, crimped mid-mountain, between the peaks and peoples, we will go over 300 km. around this unique mountain. Different cultures found in its foothills have used these traditional paths while they lived in the mountains and herdsmen and forest roads.

To make this interesting tour you need to plan well our route, choosing the right time of year and go suitably equipped, as the trail is generally away from population centers and sometimes skirts the mountains. If everything is favorable enjoy beautiful landscapes and extraordinary views of the surrounding Sierra Nevada, from the Mediterranean and North African mountains to numerous regions of eastern Andalusia.

Sulayr is circular around the entire massif of Sierra Nevada at an average altitude of between 1,800 m itinerary. and 2,000 m. Granada and Almeria crosses the regions of Alto Genil, Valle del Dilar, Lecrin Valley, Alpujarra, Nacimiento River Valley, Marquess of Zenete and Alhama River Valley. Found intact landscapes and other processed by the different cultures found in this territory. We are in a high mountain with a significant anthropic footprint in some places. The southern location and its proximity to the sea have enabled an impossible human presence in other saws. Here it has been cultivated over 2,000 m. and shepherding it even more than three thousand. This is reflected in the landscape with many traditional elements to the high mountains along the (old farmhouses, ditches, terraces, pools, eras, pens …) view.

The diversity of landscapes is one of the characteristic features of Sierra Nevada, this makes you have representation from many species that find shelter in the different habitats found in this huge altitudinal stage. Sulayr runs through many of these ecosystems enliven and make the way into an unforgettable experience.

The tour takes place almost entirely within the National and Natural Parks of Sierra Nevada. This is a privilege but also a responsibility to respect the rules that applies to an area of maximum protection.

The trail also passes through paths full of history. Excited wonder where previously cavalry down in the snow from the peaks to the city, or where the mines inmates on their way to work; just as impressive through sites which have been the scene of ambushes and feuds. And what about travel on the same places where travelers and botanists discovered extraordinary corners and a unique flora in the world.

Where to start.

From Balzain take the road up to Cumbres Verdes, where the asphalt ends and continuous forest track along 10 km., To the Botanical Garden Cortijuela, where it joins the path of Sulayr Path.

From The Cortijuela we can take another direction circular travel path in sections corresponding to the Cortijuela-Tennis St. Jerome and La Rinconada Nigüelas Cortijuela-a u. In both sections this rugged territory, crossing hills and ravines, find beautiful scenery between forests of pines, oaks, where a rich and varied fauna moves, not always easy to see, like the mountain goat, wild boar and golden eagles.

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