The mild summers of the Sierra Tejada joined the prominence of the thermal baths and impressive gorges to which overlooks the village.


In 1884 there was a strong earthquake which destroyed much of the houses and which killed over 300 people. Alfonso XII invested in its reconstruction and its wealth of monuments now opens the doors to tourism.


Eating Out

The soup Maimon is one of the most famous dishes from the kitchen alhameña. The pastry is very diverse and can be tasted Threaded alfajor, bacon from heaven and paste of the Clare nuns.
Festivals and traditions

On February 2, coplillas and dances marked the Candelaria. On August 15 is celebrated the festival of Wine, a feast that includes activities around this product and tastings jameña pot.


In addition to the former Arab fortress rebuilt at the beginning of the century, the greatest interest monumental refers to the Church of Our Lady of the incarnation. Straddling the Renaissance and the Gothic, has an impressive bell tower that is one of the most representative of the profile of the town. The House of the Inquisition, Elizabethan Gothic style, has an interesting cover. The Hospital de la Reina, near the street Vendederas, presents the particularity of being the first Hospital Blood of the kingdom of Granada.



The bridge marks the Roman hot springs spa, a visit so attractive as pleasant.