Right in the highlands of Marquesado, Calahorra is located in the northern port side of the Ragua, single step across the Sierra Nevada.


Its name comes from the era of domination Arabic, when referred to the city as Galatians-Alora, “tower defense” or “bulwark”. In 1490, the Catholic Monarchs granted dominion in the town to Cardinal Mendoza, in 1569, would be the Marquis of Zanete. The Calahorra lost the head of the party in favour of Guadix in 1834.

Eating Out

They are famous their livelihoods, based sausage, ribs and peppers, squash and sandwiches. Festivals and traditions

Fiestas y tradiciones

In early August, the feasts of the Blessed Christ of Penalties include enclosures and bullfights.


The castle of La Calahorra has been declared National historical and artistic value. It enjoys a privileged position for his elevation, although its exterior does not seem medieval. Its interior, highlighted the courtyards Renaissance and its beautiful Italian marble.


His closeness with the most stunning Sierra Nevada offers rides or routes dream.