At the heart of the Costa Tropical, the maze of streets full of plants clings to the rock that covers the sea from heights.


It was Selambina with Phoenicians and Carthaginians. With the Romans, the area benefited from fishing and salting. Muslims Salubiniya christened the glorious times and lived under the Caliphate of Cordoba. In the twentieth century, the sugar industry and tourism took the reins of their economy.

Eating Out

Fish and shellfish, as well as vegetables and pulses are of excellent quality. The gazpachos, fried fish or spit sardines are typical dishes.
Festivals and traditions.

The seafaring procession of the Virgen del Carmen, July 16, is the most peculiar.


The castle dominates Salobreña from the promontory entire village. Reconstructed several times throughout history, is now fully restored. The king of Granada Yusuf I was enclosed in its walls. The houses are white and gentle Pick up your skirt by forming the old town, which stresses the church of Our Lady of the Rosary.

The Historical Museum is another recommended visits in Salobreña, lets hear more than 6,000 years of history of the town.


In the Costa Tropical, the cultivation of custard apples, avocados and mangoes, gives a touch of color to their fields.