Sierra Nevada

A place to live nature …

Balzaín is located in the National and Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and just 8 km from the wonderful city of Granada.

rural houses in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is full of charm, peace and quiet, ideal for relaxation and enjoyment of nature. Rural Houses Cortijo Balzaín remember a small village in the countryside, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, pine forests and rural roads that invite walking.

Their lands are covered with almond, walnut and poplar and surrounded by mountains and trails that penetrate to the heart of Sierra Nevada (the Trevenque and Alayos).

From its privileged location splendid views are seen in the city of the Alhambra and the peaks of Sierra Nevada and from the viewpoints can be seen magnificent sunsets with the city of Granada in the background while the peace and quiet of the fall of evening breath. At dusk, the lights of the city and all the people of the valley, spread like a blanket at the foot of Sierra Nevada, will invite you to stay in expectant silence.

Balzaín offers peace and quiet in nature , without sacrificing the attractions offered by the city of Granada and its province, with its diversity of landscapes and cultures that make up all the activities you could wish for an unforgettable holiday: the mountains and the sea, sports and adventure, culture and gastronomy.

Biosphere Reserve. UNESCO

One of the places where the permanent relationship between the African continent and the European one is best manifested is in Sierra Nevada. Here the most powerful orogenic thrusts of both plates were concentrated, which raised one of the most unique mountains on Earth on the Mediterranean. A prodigious crossroads, it harbors biological vestiges of different latitudes that they found in this “climatic island”, a space where they evolved autonomously.

Sierra Nevada stands majestically between the fertile plain of Granada and the desert foothills of Almeria, between the arid plateau of the Zenete and the Algerian orchards of midday. From the piedmont to its snowy peaks, all the Mediterranean vegetation is represented, which ranges from subtropical crops to the high desert where botanical endemisms are frequent.

Different peoples have occupied their valleys over the centuries exploiting mining and agricultural wealth, but none as the Arabs have left such a mark. Not in vain they remained for eight centuries in this land, turning the slopes of the mountains into fertile crops with an ingenious system of irrigation by ditches. Their homes and traditional activities remain in force, and the most international image of the Sierra Nevada is that of a wonderful decoration next to the Alhambra.

Romantic travelers of the nineteenth century found in the Sierra Nevada the exoticism and adventure, discovery and fascination, for that unique blend of high peaks of perpetual snow near a nearby coastline, by the existence of remote customs in an untamed land and isolated

The geodiversity and the biodiversity that Sierra Nevada harbors, together with the spectacular nature of its cultural landscape, have been important reasons to give this mountain range the best possible awards for a Protected Natural Area: Reserve of the Biosphere (1986), Park Natural (1989), National Park (1999), Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA, 2002), European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (2004) and Ramsar Zone -Humadales del Padul- (2006).

Granada 8 km – Ski resort 30 km – Beaches of Costa Tropical 45 km