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The best scenario to celebrate weddings, social events or Cultural outdoors.

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From the Cortijo Balzaín bet for places ” charming ” , we desmarcamos traditional typical wedding halls or gardens. Our proposal is to surprise your guests with wedding celebrations outdoor bring something else, like a unique view of Granada , surround yourself with nature , feel the mountains, sunsets … That will get no decoration .


You will find different designated areas , each with its particular charm in the shade of a century-old oak in a large open area like a balcony to Granada , at the foot of indigo restored dovecote …

The hard part will rule out any of those corners !

You will have a professional catering for your celebration, full of details, exquisite food and excellent service … your guests will remember your event as ” something very special ” .

Contact us , know us and together we will prepare the big day.

Social celebrations, weddings, conferences, conventions , business meetings , parties and shows in an environment where the real treat is the privileged and unique setting.