Cancellation policies COVID-19


Since the beginning of the crisis, our priority has been to ensure the health of citizens. Therefore, we are working to ensure compliance with the latest guidelines regarding hygiene and safety, implementing additional measures to ensure the safety of our guests and employees, ranging from hygiene in [...]

Birdwatching at Sierra Nevada, Natura 2000.


Sierra Nevada offers a complex of ecosystems that are home to a diverse representation of the ornithological fauna of the Mediterranean mountains. The confluence of climate, geography, terrain and man geobotanical been conditioned, throughout history, the presence of different species that make up its avifauna. Sierra Nevada is [...]

Yesterday and Today

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The oldest building is known as " Caserío Fuente del Álamo " dating back to the beginning of 17th century. In earlier times, the "Fuente del Álamo" was a natural shelter for shepherds who used to camp close to the spring below the rocks. Afterwards, they built a [...]

Natrural Areas in Andalucia, Granada, Sierra Nevada


Granada, kingdom of heaven. The heights of the Granada mountains makes the province the ceiling of Andalusia. It is the Mulhacen, with its 3482 meters high, the highest point of the peninsula. This summit is part of the Sierra Nevada National Park, considered one of the richest natural areas throughout [...]

Routes throught the Costa Tropical


The so-called Costa Tropical, which is essentially the Granada coastline, enjoys one of the most benign climates, not only on the Iberian peninsula, but throughout the European Mediterranean. The mountains of the Sierra Nevada protected from the north winds, creating a microclimate of a tropical temperate. Apart from [...]



Glorious head perched Nazari, this artistic and historic city saw Boabdil mourn for “not having defended like a man”. History A primitive core of Iberian settlers settled in the hills where today the suburb of Albaicin and the Alhambra rise. The war between Carthaginians and Romans ended with [...]



Traditional troglodyte caves and architectural wealth are the heritage of this city that displays its charms in the foothills north of Sierra Nevada History His condition crossroads, and also of civilizations and cultures, he attracted Julius Caesar, who founded the city in 45 B.C. with the name of [...]

La Calahorra


Right in the highlands of Marquesado, Calahorra is located in the northern port side of the Ragua, single step across the Sierra Nevada. History Its name comes from the era of domination Arabic, when referred to the city as Galatians-Alora, “tower defense” or “bulwark”. In 1490, the Catholic [...]



City sources and homeland Ramon Maria Narvaez, valid for Elizabeth II, Loja stands under the Mount Hacho and the whim of Genil. […]



Salobreña At the heart of the Costa Tropical, the maze of streets full of plants clings to the rock that covers the sea from heights. […]



Trevelez Divided into three districts that were to grab the more than 200 metres, you know hams are cured in a microclimate prefect. History The origin of his name could be found in Velex, Latin word meaning “valley” and could allude to those who are at the margins [...]