Birdwatching at Sierra Nevada, Natura 2000.

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Sierra Nevada offers a complex of ecosystems that are home to a diverse representation of the ornithological fauna of the Mediterranean mountains. The confluence of climate, geography, terrain and man geobotanical been conditioned, throughout history, the presence of different species that make up its avifauna. Sierra Nevada is [...]

Yesterday and Today

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The oldest building is known as " Caserío Fuente del Álamo " dating back to the beginning of 17th century. In earlier times, the "Fuente del Álamo" was a natural shelter for shepherds who used to camp close to the spring below the rocks. Afterwards, they built a [...]

Natrural Areas in Andalucia, Granada, Sierra Nevada

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Granada, kingdom of heaven. The heights of the Granada mountains makes the province the ceiling of Andalusia. It is the Mulhacen, with its 3482 meters high, the highest point of the peninsula. This summit is part of the Sierra Nevada National Park, considered one of the richest natural areas throughout [...]

Routes throught Las Hoyas de Baza y Guadix

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The valley that opens to the northwest of Sierra Nevada form a hoya flanked by saws Baza and Castril. These lands were the point of the first men who populated the European continent. Although Roman origin, the beautiful town of Huéscar not received their full development as a [...]